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What breeds of horses and ponies for dressage?

Dressage is an art, and the dressage horse must be an artist. We help you understand the qualities of a perfect dressage horse. Here you can find the best breeds of horses and ponies for equine dressage.

An energetic and elastic horse

Dressage is an Olympic equestrian sport; it is considered by its enthusiasts as an art. This discipline is constantly looking for the aesthetics of movement. it is the oldest existing discipline since we find traces of it even in the Greeks with Xenophon. The tests take place on a rectangular track, delimited by lice’s, and dotted with letters placed in a strict and fixed order, all along the track and on the central line, the latter allowing the reading of official covers composed of figures more or less difficult to carry out in a pre-defined order.

The typical dressage horse must combine energetic temperament, loose, elastic and even gait. It must have a back neither too long nor too short, long and sloping shoulders to allow a loose and loose gesture; its neckline must be well out and planted high, without being too thick. the whole of the perfect horse should be ascending, the Withers higher than the croup, and of a large size.

The best breeds for dressage

The breeds of horses most suitable for this equestrian sport are:

  • The Hanoverian (The Hanoverian horse is of Hanover origin in Germany. The Hanoverian race dates back to the 17th century.)
  • The Anglo-Arab – The Anglo-Arab horse race was established by the National stud farms for military purposes first, then for racing and during the 20th century for sport. The Anglo-Arab is a race of French origin.
  • The Lusitanian – The Lusitanian horse, is native to Portugal – named before Lusitania. The Lusitanian is the oldest saddle horse in the world). The Lipizzaner – The Lipizzaner horse is a horse from Austria. Its history is closely linked to that of the horses of the Imperial Riding School in Vienna.

And among the ponies, we find:

  • The Connemara – Connemara we come from the Connemara region in Ireland. The Connemara were crossed with Iberian horses but also with Thoroughbred, Irish draughts, Clydesdales and Arab horses.
  • The Welsh – The Welsh ponies are initially from England. It is the origin of all Welsh pony breeds.
  • The Haflinger – The Haflinger horse is native to the Tyrol region of Austria. This horse is named after a Tyrolean village called Haflinger. In 1898 the name of the Haflinger breed was made official by the Austrian Ministry of agriculture.

To progress in your research

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