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Brian,           My name les trautman jr. I’m sending you some pics of my half bread 71 stang I always wondered what a 71 corbra might have looked like this is my version hope you like it.This is how it stands at the present, but i plan to go all pro street with tubs and mustang 2 front susp.Love your site and everything on it   Thanks agin for the great website   Les
image Dave’s “Green Beast”

Here’s a picture of
my Mach 1.  You can see the definite need for a hood replacement.  Previous owner hit a deer, shattered the grille, and folded the hood. I had to sell my soul to find a replacement grille, glad I found a resource in Dark Horse Racing for the hood!  Can’t wait to show you the “after” pictures with the hood in place!
Dave Tekavec
Pueblo, CO

Dave Tekavec
Pueblo, CO

1973 Mach 1. This car is original except for wheels and fresh paint. This is a “Q” code Mach 1 with a 351C 4V, ram air, Hurst 4 speed, air conditioning, Full guage instrumentation and fold down rear seat. I’m the second owner of this car, it has 79,000 miles and runs very strong. See you at the shows this spring!l


Hey Brion,

Got the hood installed this weekend.  Installed the grille I had too.  Hood fits perfectly and I found some light duty hinge springs at the hardware store that work great.  I’d recommend this hood to anybody.  Hope you can post this picture for a before and after.  Thanks for all your help.

image image Greenville? (my Home town, DHR) Cool!  I went to school at ETSU, graduated in 1977, now work for Lockheed-Martin at the Fort Worth plant.  I’ve attached a photo of my car (same one as my web page since it’s about the only photo I have of it and one of the Bone.

Harold Banks

image T-38- new paint


The site looks great.  I’m saving my pennies for a glass hood.  Here’s a
link to a good shot of my car at Texas World Speedway coming up on turn 1.

Daniel R. Haynes, MAJ, USAF
96 FTS T-38 Instructor Pilot


Hi, I have always been A fan of your race car and was wondering if you could possibly add my car to your members page.

My name is Mike Kilmartin and my car is a 1973 Mach 1 351Cj 4 speed that Ive owned since I was 15, I’m now 20.  What makes this car so interesting is what I built for under the hood the car boast a worked over and twin turbocharged 351Cleveland running 9PSI off of two T4 turbochargers.  The whole setup was built by me and is estimated at 600rwhp dyno numbers will come soon.

Great Car , send us more photos. That’s one BAAAAAD twin Turbo set up.