Help A Fellow Racer

Hello! My name is William Murphy. I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of Leukemia called CML. For verification, email me and I will be glad to attach the actual hospital report of my diagnosis.       Unfortunately there are very few ways to control this form of cancer and they have been unsuccesful for me. Therefore I am faced with the need for an immediate bone marrow transplant that must be performed in the next six months for any possibility of survival. This is the same type of operation that Rick Hendrick had to undergo a few years ago that was very very risky. I have been racing for the last 16 years and unfortunately can no longer race. All of my equipment has had to be liquidated to pay as much of my medical bills as possible but the cost are astronomical. That is why this late model stock car is being given away. This late model needs nothing! It is turn key ready to race on any asphalt race track. The car is very reliable and very competitive.The chassis is about 6-7 years old and is an Oliver chassis also known as try-county buggy. Body is a 1998-2000 Pontiac Gran-prix. Engine is built by a very reputable builder here by the name of Ronnie Presswood. The drawing will take place at Anderson Motor Speedway in Anderson South Carolina during the month of September. My reasoning behind this is so that there will be no questioning the honesty of this offer and those who wish to be present for the drawing can do just that. This auction will continue to be posted until the drawing date. Keep in mind that you do NOT have to be present to win. I will be contacting the winner within 24 hours after the drawing. There will only be 100 tickets available for this offer! That is pretty good odds!! Please also understand that I will need to sell at least 100 tickets.  If this number has not been reached  I will have to push the date further back to allow more time to raise more money but be rest assured the drawing will take place by this fall at the latest! I do not have many assets and must use what I have to raise as much as possible. Please trust me when I tell you this will be a totally legit promotion with no favorites or fixing of this promotion what so ever. Everyone will have as good a chance as the other. The more tickets you buy the better your chance! Also please understand that I am very busy during these times arranging other fundraisers  and may not be able to answer all emails in a timely fashion but will do my best! Please help me raise the much needed money it will take to complete this life saving precedure!