1) Our first step in making the conversion is to remove the old stock components to make room for the new suspension.

Disconnect lower end of shock

2) The hardware attaching the lower end of the shock to the spring perch is removed.

Remove shock through top of shock tower

3) The upper shock mount and factory export brace will need to be removed to lift out the original shock.

Remove coil spring

4) Next, the coil spring needs to be removed. We were not planning on keeping the old springs, so a torch was used to heat the springs to relieve the tension. If you will be keeping the springs a spring compressor is needed. Coil springs have a very high “load” and can potentially cause injury.

Remove spindle

5) After removing the cotter pins and nuts, seperate the spindle from the upper and lower ball joints. A strap was used to hang the caliper from the undercarriage in order to save the brake lines.

Disconnect strut rod from lower control arm

6) Unbolt the stock strut rod from the lower control arm.

Disconnect strut rod from frame mount and remove

7) Unbolt the stock strut rod from the frame mounting location, then remove.

Disconnect stabilizer bar

8) The anti-roll bar is then disconnected from the lower control arm.

Remove stock upper control arm

9) With a impact gun you may be able to remove the upper control arm bolts from the wheel well side. Otherwise you will have to remove the nuts on the engine side of the shock tower.

Now the hard part is over

10) Finally a clean slate to start with.


We found that the removal of the factory components was the most difficult part of the conversion. Now that the dirty work is out of the way we can bolt in the new suspension.